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I tend to have very much a live and let live attitude when it comes to recreational drugs and alcohol - other people can do with them as they please, and really it's none of my business. If I become concerned a friend may be abusing, however, I will step in and speak to them because as a friend, it is my business.
Maybe I sound hippocritical but there's a difference between using and abusing.

I drank a lot as a teenager and into my early twenties, smoked probably more than my fair share of weed. I found it helped to dim some of the stimulus but at the same time, oh fuck did it make me hallucinate. Though there was a kind of thought of at least I knew these ones were hallucinations.

Nowadays, I drink and smoke very much in moderation. The odd glass of wine or pint of beer, sometimes a cocktail or two when we go out. A joint every so often. I find I don't like how they screw with my medication or trigger some of my negative symptoms.


I'm Lucy, a 30-something woman who is trying to figure out this whole 'life' thing.

I'm bisexual and poly, living in North Wales with my partners J&S. I'm a home maker, love to bake and cook, and am a huge sci-fi fan. I'm also a little obsessed with journals/planners right now.

I haved lived for so long under the shadow of a number of mental health diagnoses, letting them define me rather than just be part of me. For too long I've been "Lucy the Schizo" and I want to find out who 'Lucy' is
Welcome aboard my journey. I'm glad you're here and looking forward to getting to know you as we get to know me!

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Aliens. Angels. Bullet Journals. Cryptozoology. Dinosaurs. Doctor Who. Fanfiction. Knitting. Marvel. Space. Time travel. Wonder Woman.


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