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Today is my beautiful S's birthday - 48 today

J and I are spoiling her completely. Breakfast in bed, presents, plenty of attention paid to her. She's currently taking her time soaking in a hot bubble bath and J is making dinner.

I got her a voucher for a wine and cheese tasting day. J got her a season pass for the Rugby club she supports - both her and J want to get back to going to see the sports teams they support. She's actually going to see Bangor play Llangefni tonight.

This afternoon though, promises to be lazy and funflled and warm and naked. My favourite!
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Happy birthday [profile] evilgrins
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Just a flyby update tonight.

We've just got in from a lovely meal out celebrating J's birthday. 64 today. S & I spoiled him rotten - some DVDs and CDs he wanted, some whiskey, a new suit he'd seen and liked, a new fishing rod, some new... y'know... toys so I forsee a fun weekend ahead!

C's coming over at some point in the next couple days and he's got him this drill kit he'd been waxing lyrical about. J's retiring in the new year so I'm wondering if this is a sign of DIY to come!
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Happy birthday, [profile] remlap - Hope you're having a wonderful day ♥


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I haved lived for so long under the shadow of a number of mental health diagnoses, letting them define me rather than just be part of me. For too long I've been "Lucy the Schizo" and I want to find out who 'Lucy' is
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