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One of my favourite songs is Bryan Adams - Summer of 69.

It's a song that always makes me smile and I always end up singing along and dancing around when I listen to it. Its a proper mood lifter. I know it's not very cool or anything but I love most of Bryan Adams music. He's probably one of my favourite musicans and I like how you never hear scandals or anything about him. He always comes across as being pretty down to earth and normal, you don't hear 'news' about him having rockstar demands or tantrums.

Like a lot of people my age I first heard his music in the 90s when Everything I Do I Do It For You was at number 1 for like 10 years. I got the Waking Up The Neighbours album on casette tape for Christmas that year and then I got his other stuff out the library and copied it. HOW 90s does that sound now?

I'm a fan of his photography and I keep meaning to get the books of his works. I wonder if it's too late to mention it to Santa. I understand he does humanitarian work too which is something else I haven't looked into yet but would like to. I should make a note of it in my journal to look it up.

A quick google though says he's got two kids with stupid names so I guess he's not completely perfect haha
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A skype video phone sex session with S&J when they're both needing to let off steam is fun. Not near as much fun as in person but still, all sex is good sex. Directed self-bondage and orgasm play. Good times.

I've spent a lot of time on the phone/texting with S today reminding her why she's not allowed to kill or main either of her husband's brothers.

Fucking hell this house is tidy. Apparently I stress clean.

I've got my weekly spread set up for next week in my bullet journal. A two page week-at-a-glance with things to remember, important dates, blog ideas. A meal plan. A gratitude log. A goals/to-do list. It's not perfect, I've a few ideas to refine it for the next one but as a first go? I quite like it.
I've sketched out how I think my dailies are going to look but I'll know for sure on Monday if it works.

I am officially in love with my shiny new Staedtler 334 C36 Triplus Fineliners <3
I really want the stickers and stencils I've ordered to get here soon

Bryan Adams singing "If you wanna be bad, you gotta be good" makes my toes curl. I wanna be her lover - I wanna her be her slave

J's bought us tickets to see Civil War on Friday. This film is going to cause a civil war... I'm #teamcap, J's the wrong team. S is 'team I don't bloody care it's only a film will you two shut up already?'
I just hope he's in the right frame of mind to enjoy it. I hope we all are.

There was something else but I'm falling asleep. Tomorrow I want to finish cleaning the third floor play rooms and draft up a meal plan for the week, run that by S.
For now though, there wil be sleep.


I'm Lucy, a 30-something woman who is trying to figure out this whole 'life' thing.

I'm bisexual and poly, living in North Wales with my partners J&S. I'm a home maker, love to bake and cook, and am a huge sci-fi fan. I'm also a little obsessed with journals/planners right now.

I haved lived for so long under the shadow of a number of mental health diagnoses, letting them define me rather than just be part of me. For too long I've been "Lucy the Schizo" and I want to find out who 'Lucy' is
Welcome aboard my journey. I'm glad you're here and looking forward to getting to know you as we get to know me!

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